Adoption Update: We're going to get him!!!!

We got our visa approval early this morning.  That means that we are going to Uganda to get Silas, get his visa, and bring him home to the states!  Boom!

Last night was absolutely horrible.  We had a board meeting at church that went very well.  So I came home in a great mood around 9:30pm.  Mindy was watching a movie with her friend.  After she left Mindy came in and told me that, unless we hear Friday (this) morning, there is no way that his visa will be ready in time to get him this month.  Then she reminded me that if we don't get him in the next 30 days we have a couple of major things expiring and we would be set back for a few more months.

It was a dark night.  It was hopeless.  I can't stress enough just how hopeless everything felt last night.

Then the email came this morning and it is CONFIRMED that the visa is approved and there is now no longer any obstacles to us bringing Silas home!

It takes a lot of faith to follow God.  It takes faith to believe in God, but it takes way more faith to follow God.  About the hardest part for me is that I feel really stupid making decisions in faith when my brain, experience, and worldly wisdom tell me otherwise.

Philippians 1:6, "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion."  You know, a few years ago my wife got a crazy idea during a sermon that she thought God wanted us to adopt a little boy from another country.  That sermon was from Philippians.  How fitting is it that we have suffered through this and yet have had incredible joy?  Philippians is called the book of rejoicing yet Paul is in prison when he writes it.

God does not make sense.  But God is good.

Here are some more pics from Pastor Ivan's Facebook page.  Can you pick out Silas?


Alyse said…
So excited you get to bring your baby boy home!!!
Stef said…
This is absolutely amazing news Tim and Mindy. What a mighty God we serve! Thank you for sharing prayer requests (keep it up!) and for the awesome opportunity to pray with you guys through this journey. I feel victory in Jesus today, too!!
Megan said…
I totally thought he was the little boy right behind him in the light colored clothes. :) Praise God!
Megan said…
He's the little guy with the blue shorts & light-colored shirt, right?

Praise God!
Tim Boyd said…
Good point Stef! Thank you everyone for your prayers. You have definitely been on this journey with us and you are important parts of this journey.

Megan you are correct!
Kelly said…
wowee wo. I am not amzed, I am relieved. i knew God would bring Silas to you, I was just frustrated with when. And i could pick him out! send out announcements-it's a boy!!!!!
kath said…
So happy for the Boyd family!! It has been a long journey for you, but faith has carried you through. We all feel blessed and privileged to have been a part of this journey with you, and are rejoicing in Gods grace!

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